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Property Management

Simplify Your Property Management with Al Maha Properties: We Recognize the Time and Dedication Required, So Let Us Take Care of It.

Experience our tailored services designed to meet your property’s unique needs at Al Maha Properties.We specialize in managing: apartment buildings, offices and office buildings, warehouse complexes & labour camps. Villas, townhouses and apartment units as well.Our dedicated property managers and maintenance team in Dubai work diligently to ensure the highest level of care for your property. In addition to our tenant-focused approach, we also provide comprehensive building management services to keep your property in optimal condition. From regular maintenance and repairs to the efficient administration of common areas and amenities, we take care of all aspects of property management. With a strong focus on achieving a healthy cash flow for property owners and ensuring tenant satisfaction, you can trust Al Maha Properties to deliver exceptional service and peace of mind.

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We are dedicated to providing first class comprehensive services for our landlords.

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1What services do you offer and how much does it cost?

Al-Maha offers a full-service property management solution that covers marketing and leasing, tenant screening, documentation management, accounting and reporting, inspection and maintenance, and dispute resolution. We strive to provide landlords with a hassle-free and efficient rental property management experience. Get in touch to get a quote for your property.

2 Why hire a property management company?

Property management services provide valuable assistance to landlords seeking to reduce the burdens and challenges associated with it. This is particularly critical for landlords residing overseas, in different time zones, frequent travelers, or managing personal and professional commitments. Al Maha Properties specializes in catering to clients with extensive property portfolios, delivering exceptional value through their exceptional property management services.

3How frequently will the property be examined?

To accurately document the condition of the property, our property management team conducts meticulous check-in and check-out inspections. These visual inspections leave no corner untouched, encompassing both the interior and exterior of the property. All aspects, including appliances, fixtures, & overall condition, are thoroughly examined and documented, providing transparency and clarity for both landlords & tenants.

4 How may a landlord increase the rent on a property?

As per the regulations of the RERA, rental increases for a unit can only be approved if they comply with the RERA Calculation. The Dubai Land Department closely monitors market conditions and regulates rental adjustments accordingly. If a rental increase is permitted, it must be implemented at least 90 days before the contract expiration to ensure tenants receive sufficient notice.

5 How many days notice must a landlord provide a tenant before they are required to leave the premises?

Tenants are entitled to a 365-day notice period before vacating a rental apartment. This notice can also be given in case of rent non-payment, or if the apartment is being sold.

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"When I first started out looking for professional property management companies in Dubai, I was in the doubt of whether a different entity will be able to manage my property as effectively as I want it to be managed. But this doubt was completely cleared when I approached Al Maha who take care of your property just the way you would!"

Sooraj Pathak


"It was a great experience with Al Maha, where their property management specialists are experts at what they do and leave no stone unturned to make sure the payments are collected on time, the grievances are handled with professionalism and the landlord is updated regularly about his property."

Sam Hargrave